Tips On Improving Your CV When Looking For A Job In The Food Industry

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Tips On Improving Your CV When Looking For A Job In The Food Industry

June 20, 2017 Food & Drink, Restaurants 0

When you are on the lookout for a job, it’s vital that you are prepared to give your best at interview to ensure you get your job. Apart from presenting yourself in an impressionable way, and bringing out your confidence, it’s also important that you have an impressive CV. While this is true to almost every industry, it is particularly so in the food industry. Here are a few tips on improving your professional CV and giving yourself a winning chance at your interview…

Experience makes a difference

This is especially true in the culinary world. While it’s important that you have a certain talent and interest to the field, it is the experience mentioned in your CV that will get you to the position you want. It’s ok if you have to start from the bottom and it’s nowhere near the job you want for yourself. It still counts as experience. If possible, get yourself a part time job while in college, or even (if possible) in cooking school. It will help you practice your skills as well as count as experience.  

Get recommendations that make an impression

No hotel or restaurant is going to hand over the keys to their wine cellars to a total stranger. Unless you are applying for a minor job that doesn’t require prior experience, you’ll more often than not be asked for recommendations. So, if you’ve worked with someone famous, or cooked for a prominent figure of your locality, don’t forget to get a review and a letter of recommendation from them. Trust us, it makes a difference.

Get additional qualifications that complement your culinary skills

The food industry is ever evolving and highly competitive. Only the best skill can get you to the top; and that too if you’re lucky and at the right places at the right times. Given the high competition, it’s always a great idea to have something extra on your CV that others may not have. Use your free time to follow a certified course on cake decorating, or try your hand at a barista course. These additional qualifications that can make an appearance on your CV will inevitably impress your potential employers.  

Display your language skills

Did you know that the food industry values language skills? Most parts of the food industry can benefit a great deal by multi lingual employees; as they can be of so many use. If you have a knack at picking up languages fast, consider doing a few language courses online, or in college. Make sure to brush up on it before your interview, as you might be asked to demonstrate your skills.