The Food Choices That Reveal That You Are A True American

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The Food Choices That Reveal That You Are A True American

May 5, 2017 Food & Drink, Restaurants 0

America is often cited as the country that has welcomed people from different nationalities and immigrants from around the world, who have now made America their home. The first generation Americans, that is those who were born in America but belonging to a family that originally hails from elsewhere, do not feel different from those who have several generations born and brought up in America. However, the only difference that shows is in the food choices and preferences.

There are certain American food traits that several first generation citizens might have been introduced to much later in life. One such staple food of most kids is peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. It was the omnipresent choice of food for kids in their school lunch boxes and those who did not have it were usually addicted to it later in life or then simply allergic to peanuts. Other such similar food items are ribs and burgers from Melbourne.

Talking of or discussing American food would be incomplete without mentioning these two quintessential American food items. A burger made at home never tasted as delicious as the one bought from an American joint, and once those who taste the American burger are hooked on to it forever. Similarly Americans rely considerably on food delivery whether it is an appetizing burger or a piping hot pizza. Non-Americans usually had either not heard of such services or rarely resorted to delivery of food, at least parents of first generation Americans never did.

Other signs or food choices that reveal a true blue American is having turkey and a traditional meal on Thanksgiving, including a green bean casserole, sweet potato casserole, pecan pie or a pumpkin pie. Attempting a Thanksgiving dinner without these traditional dishes equates to a lame though valiant attempt at mimicking a true American style dinner and celebration. On the same note, the Fourth of July celebration would be incomplete without flag cake, burgers and hot dogs. It truly was a tragedy for those who were devoid of these treats on the holiday.

Another symbol synonymous with being a true American was breakfast. An American breakfast was scrumptious with pancakes, accompanied by bacon and eggs. First generation Americans were devoid of the pleasures of a typical American breakfast consisting of these items. But once getting a taste of it, there was no looking back for these Americans.

Thus, food choices are synonymous with and represent the taste, traditions, culture and preferences of a country, associating certain specific food with that country. Just like how we discussed about America and food considered to be truly originating from or symbolic with America and it is the perfect place to eat make it easy to spot a true American.