More Reasons To Go For Brunch This Weekend

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More Reasons To Go For Brunch This Weekend

October 4, 2016 Food Suppliers 0

We don’t have time these days. No debate on that. No going back on it either. We just simply don’t have time. From managing multiple jobs, to household chores, family responsibilities, appointments and being stuck in traffic, the twenty-four hours are no longer adequate to do the job it was meant to do.

When it comes to meeting up with friends, you are always known in the circle as the one who just does not have enough time. You can’t meet for lunch because your workplace is in the middle of nowhere. Or you are slightly deemed the workaholic that works well into your lunch hour. Dinner is an absolute no-no because, you have side hustles or house chores or children waiting at home. Drinks don’t work for you because your idea of meeting friends is to chill and not really go to any place too swanky. This is exactly why weekend brunch HK seems like a great idea, right? 

The great thing about brunch is that not onlyis it during the weekend, but it’s not breakfast and obviously this means that you don’t have to wake up too early after a Friday night out. Also, you could even be home in time for lunch (even if you might be too stuffed!), which means that you wouldn’t have to worry about being out for too long and not spending time with your family and loved ones. 

One of the great things about brunch is that you get the best out of a few fantastic worlds put together: breakfast, lunch and the best cuisine of your choice! Also if you happen to be anything like the pizza-loving foodie, what better way than having brunch at the best Italian restaurant downtown! 

If you thought having pizza for breakfast was just the sort of thing you wanted to do on a Saturday morning, well then wait no more for this is a dream that will actually come true! Brunch is also a delightful, personal and intimate affair that works equally great into the schedules of busy people and not-so busy people. There is also the advantage of not having to go in work clothes and actually getting to wear that sundress or even shorts on a Saturday mid-morning and of course, flip-flops! The timing also works great for most people because it’s just in between main meals and traffic so you don’t have to worry too much about who will show up and who wouldn’t!