How To Know What Proposal Works For You

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How To Know What Proposal Works For You

February 3, 2017 Wine & Drinks 0

Every couple knows that the proposal story has to be a pretty special one. That being said, it doesn’t mean that it has to be extravagant and a debacle worthy of an American reality star but it should be special to the couple themselves. So, Question-poppers, we are here today to help you out. We have a very short list of ideas which will work in your favour. First option, if your beau is the type who loves good food and likes the finer things in life, then your option is to go a for a fancy dinner date with the Question at the end or the middle, or at the start- that’s up to you. But, the base of the night should be the classiest place you know. So, start googling Bangkok brunch place and find the ideal place to make memories. You should know to call ahead and make a reservation for the best table available and to make sure that you get it, make the reservation early. Also, make sure to request a good bottle of wine or champagne and ask that it be kept aside for you. If you have one which has meaning to you, then select that option or if not ask the venue for the best bottle for you. Now you have your base, go forth and ask the question.

Next, we have your Friday nights at home rather than out type of girl. The one you can find with a good book and small company rather than the best Italian food in Bangkok. Just clear it up, if she’s has a favourite book and you’re planning to use it to propose, do not use her copy to cut up or write on- that is just a bad idea no matter how romantic and thoughtful it seems. There are however, some alternatives you could consider. Make her a romantic dinner for two, not too extravagant but special none the less or you have the option of getting her closest friends and family involved and having a group proposal, letting her share the day with those she is closest to.

Each girl wants to feel like a princess on her wedding day but to get to the wedding you need to have ask the Question in a way that will give her goosebumps. Whether it be underneath the stars overlooking the city or with family and friends, what makes the day special is you and her. So, when making your decision, remember to consider what she wants and what will make her light up and then go from there.