Cook Your Way Into Business

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Cook Your Way Into Business

January 4, 2017 Food Suppliers 0

Gone are the days when cooking and cleaning were solely a “woman’s business.” Today they can even be the foundation of a solid and successful business. Apart from being a chef, here are some other ways you can put your cooking skills to good use.

Help Out the Tired Parents

One of the best ways of earning good cash is to start a meal delivery service and then employing people to carry it out. Such companies prepare food kits comprising of all the ingredients, freshly prepared and neatly packed, so that all you have to do is cook it at home. More complicated dishes will include all the spices, herbs and condiments needed to make it. The best way to get customers will be to include cooking instructions so that even customers who do not cook as a habit will be able to enjoy a delicious meal. A scheme like this will draw interest from the working crowd who comes home everyday tired to the marrow and definitely not looking forward to spending hours in the kitchen.

Cater to the Parties

In addition to making healthy food delivered in Melbourne, you can also start a catering business on the side. Taking on big events with a lot of guests might be too much with a delivery service as your frontrunner but small events such as kids’ birthday parties and intimate cocktail parties might be a good way to go. You can do prep along with the other business and simply set up at the venue. Of course, you will need more staff and capital as a catering business requires more equipment, but once the down payment is done, all you need to worry about is the actual cooking. Just make sure that the food always meets the highest standards and encourage the happy guests to share pics of your amazing grub as much as possible on social media.

Personalized Cooking

This one can go two ways: you can set up as a home bakery/kitchen and take orders for complicated dishes like lasagne and pies or you can become a personal chef to someone who is looking for it. The rich and famous might prefer to find their chefs in hotels but there are plenty of people who appreciate home cooking. If the first, all you need are some big vessels to cart the food to and from clients’ houses such as big aluminium trays for dishes like lasagne. Some industrial strength stoves and ovens might also come in handy once you really get going. For the latter, all you need is a good resume and a solid dish to make for a demo!